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Sample - Everyday Hero Face Oil

Sample - Everyday Hero Face Oil

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1 ml vial $5.20

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We are confident you your skin will love our face oil and if there is one way to find out, it's to try it. Everyday Hero face oil is now available as a mini sample which comes in a 1 ml glass vial.  It’s the perfect amount to get you started.

B.BOLD ' Everyday Hero' facial oil is a high performance super food for your skin. A potent blend of 90% organic and 97% cold pressed botanical oils. Using alpha bisabolol to sooth inflammation and CoQ10 to stimulate collagen production, combine to deliver a deeply nutritious treatment for your skin.

Our facial oil is light, fast absorbing and non-comedogenic, so will not block your pores and is suitable for all skin types.

Specific oils work to balance sebum production and clear impurities, high levels of rich essential fatty acids smooth and hydrate your complexion while antioxidants fend off free radicals.

Delicate, warm scent of chamomile, Jasmin and Rose damescena.