Face oil & Deodorant Bundle

Face oil & Deodorant Bundle

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Save up to 10% off when you purchase our Everyday Hero Face oil and one of our 30g Deodorants, scent and formula of your choice.

B.BOLD 'Everyday Hero' facial oil. A high performance super food for your skin. A potent blend of 90% organic and 97% cold pressed botanical oils. Using alpha bisabolol to sooth inflammation and CoQ10 to stimulate collagen production, combine to deliver a deeply nutritious treatment for your skin.

B.BOLD Deodorant. Created with moisturising mango seed butter to hydrate and nourish your sensitive and delicate underarm area, while effectively dealing to odour-causing bacteria. It has a stable and easy-to-use consistency with a super silky finish. Aluminium free and more effective than traditional deodorants.

Now also available in our bicarbonate free sensitive range. 

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