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Our beautifully bespoke deodorants and facial oils allow you to nourish and respect your skin naturally, so you can step out into the world each day with joy and confidence.

We're committed to quality, simplicity and transparency. Creating skincare that's natural and effective, yet beautifully luxurious.

Live boldly, naturally, with B.BOLD

After trying so many natural deodorants, it is such a relief to find one that actually works!

Stay fresh, be BOLD

Created with moisturising mango seed butter to hydrate and nourish your sensitive and delicate underarm area, while effectively dealing to odour-causing bacteria.

B.BOLD is not an antiperspirant. Your body needs to perspire! B.BOLD prevents odour-causing bacteria from developing. Arrowroot and kaolin clay absorb moisture to ensure B.BOLD keeps you feeling dry and smelling fresh all day long.

Why Switch

There used to be only one option when choosing an effective deodorant, an aluminum-based product. These traditional deodorants are bad for you, as the aluminum gets absorbed into the skin. There is finally an alternative that is natural, safe and it works super well. B.BOLD natural deodorant. It's time to make the switch!

Be Free, Be Bold, Be Truthful, Be Compassionate, Be Humble, Be Present

Face the world BOLD

B.BOLD facial oils are all high-performance super foods for your skin. Carefully selected, and cold-pressed to ensure all nutrients and antioxidants are not destroyed by heat processes. The majority of our oils are organic. All are natural, fast absorbing and non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores). Always natural, never synthetic.

B.BOLD is made in Lyttelton NZ, in small batches with love and care. All of our products are ethical, sustainable, and presented to you in reusable/recyclable jars.

Our Story

Hannah & Monica

As wee girls, the sister behind B.BOLD would create their mysterious concoctions from the garden; tree sap with leaves and flower perfumes. Fast forward to 2018, Hannah and Monica have a new purpose. B.BOLD was born from the desire to create luxurious natural deodorants as an effective alternative to chemical-laden antiperspirants and to formulate beautiful, luxurious and effective facial oils.

Hannah has a background in biology, physiology and biochemistry. She is currently studying organic skincare formulation. Hannah has an obsessive nature when it comes to research, formulation and perfecting products combined with a passion for the world of natural and effective skincare.

Monica has a background in film production and advertising. She is the powerhouse making B.BOLD available to as many beautiful kiwis as possible.

Together the sisters are fulfilling a dream of bringing something natural, beautiful and truly beneficial to New Zealanders.

NO Animal Testing, All Natural Ingredients, NO Parabens, Made in New Zealand, NO Synthetic Fragrance