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Rose & Geranium (Bicarb Free)
Rose & Geranium (Bicarb Free)

Rose & Geranium (Bicarb Free)

Sensitive Skin
60g $21.90 | 30g $14.90

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Bicarbonate free, perfect for sensitive skin.

We’ve listened to our customers and created B.BOLD Bicarbonate Free, especially for those of  with sensitive underarms, who can’t tolerate the alkalizing effects of bicarbonate found in other formulas.

Designed to be just as effective as the original formula, our B.BOLD Bicarbonate Free replaces the Bicarbonate with Magnesium Hydroxide, for added detoxifying and antibacterial benefits.

It has a stable and easy-to-use consistency with a super silky finish, providing effective all-day protection.

Vegan friendly. 

Scent - Our Rose & Geranium has a gentle and fresh scent that is soothing and refreshing -  delicate and subtle.

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