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Why Switching to Natural Deodorant is a ‘No-Brainer’

Why Switching to Natural Deodorant is a ‘No-Brainer’

In a country as stunningly pristine as New Zealand, our commitment to natural living is second to none. Our beautiful landscapes, from lush rainforests to world-beating beaches, remind us daily of the importance of preserving nature's purity. This ethos extends into our personal care choices, making the switch to a natural deodorant like B.BOLD an easy decision. 

Here's why opting for a natural deodorant over traditional aluminium-based products aligns perfectly with our high standards for a natural lifestyle.

The Aluminium Issue

Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants often contain aluminium compounds. These chemicals temporarily block sweat glands, reducing perspiration. However, concerns have been raised about the potential health risks associated with long-term aluminium exposure, including possible links to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. While the research is ongoing, many Kiwis prefer to err on the side of caution, choosing products that align with our natural values and commitment to wellbeing.

Embracing Natural Ingredients

Natural deodorants eschew synthetic chemicals in favour of plant-based ingredients and essential oils. These components not only effectively neutralize odour but also offer skin benefits. Ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda provide antibacterial properties while nourishing the skin. Additionally, essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus offer pleasant, natural fragrances without the need for artificial perfumes.

Environmental Impact

Our beautiful country is known for its dedication to environmental conservation. By choosing natural deodorants, we support products that are often packaged in eco-friendly materials and avoid harmful chemicals that can pollute our waterways. Aluminium mining and processing are also detrimental to the environment, involving significant energy use and the generation of toxic waste. Natural deodorants, on the other hand, are generally more sustainable from production to disposal.


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Skin Health and Sensitivity

Many people experience skin irritation and sensitivity from aluminium-based deodorants. Natural deodorants, free from harsh chemicals, are gentler on the skin. They allow your body to sweat naturally while preventing odour through natural antimicrobial ingredients. This is particularly important in New Zealand's varied climate, where skin can be exposed to everything from the dry heat of Central Otago to the humid conditions of Northland.

Supporting Local and Ethical Brands

New Zealand is home to several natural deodorant brands that prioritize ethical sourcing and production practices. By choosing these products, we support our local economy and companies that share our values. These brands often use locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a lower carbon footprint and a boost to regional businesses.

Making the Switch

Transitioning to natural deodorant might take a little time as your body adjusts, but the benefits are well worth it. Initially, you may experience increased perspiration as your body detoxifies from aluminium buildup. However, within a few weeks, your body will adapt, and you’ll likely find that natural deodorant meets your needs just as well as, if not better than, traditional products.

So What are you Waiting For?!

In New Zealand, where living in harmony with nature is a cornerstone of our lifestyle, choosing natural deodorant is a logical step. It aligns with our commitment to health, environmental sustainability, and supporting local businesses. Embrace the natural and make the switch today—your body, your conscience, and our beautiful country will thank you.